What is a walk-through inspection?

Just before settlement—frequently just a couple of hours before settlement you--- the buyer--- take one last walk through the property that you are about to purchase. The purpose for this walk-through is to make sure there have been no substantive changes to the property since you had your home inspection and were last given an opportunity to take a hard look at the property. This is also an opportunity to make sure the seller has done all of the items on the addendum that he agreed to after the home inspection. The addendum is a list of the things that the seller has agreed to fix or changes the seller has agreed to make to meet the requirements of the buyer. Additionally, there are specific systems that are contractually required to be in operating condition. This typically includes plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning. Usually you and your agent go to the property and perform the walkthrough inspection together. Occasionally we are also asked to attend.


          We are happy to attend the walk through with you for only a small fee. When we go we check the items on the addendum only. We do not revisit the rest of the house as part of a walk through. If you would like a second home inspection on the property we are happy to do that for our regular home inspection fees. If you were unable to have a home inspection this is your chance to squeeze it in before settlement but other than that we check addendum items only.