No Contingency? No Sweat!!

We believe that every transfer of home ownership should involve a home inspection. You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive and a home is a much, much more serious financial committment. That having been said though, occasionally homes are sold without any contingencies for home inspections. Many people believe that this means that a home inspection is not permitted. Happily, that is not the case!

The buyer is still entitled to a pre-settlement walk-through at which they can satisfy themselves that plumbing, heating, electrical, air-conditioning and appliances (categories generally required by the standard sales contract to convey in "normal operating condition" and referred to as "walk-through" items) are in working order. This means that both buyer and seller have agreed that those components will transfer to the buyer in good working order and typically any repairs to bring those components up to such condition are paid for by the seller.

In a non-contingent sale we recommend that a complete home inspection be done as the walk-through. The inspection will still fill its educational and guidance role even if the issues are not raised with the seller. What we see and discuss with you will be even more important to assist you in prioritizing repairs and maintenance as you plan for improvements. The inspection is primarily an educational tool -- far more than merely a blunt instrument to demand concessions from sellers!